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National Art Honor Society: CSHS Chapter

To Say "We Like Art" Is an Understatement

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Basically, this is the online community for the CSHS chapter of NAHS. (Yes, acronyms are sprinkled liberally throughout this community.) On here will be posted such goodies as club meeting minutes, club bulletins, mural project informatoin, etc. (i.e., NAHS-related items). If you have any information or suggestions,---possible mural projects, potential T-shirt designs, ANYTHING---please don't hesitate to post.

2006-2007 Officers
Jen (dernhelm88)- President
Stacy (erinnriddle)- Vice President
Brittney (womples)- Secretary
Darlene - Treasurer
Nora - Historian
Kristyn - Historian
Lucia - Historian
Nicole - Points Chair